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BrandZ Top 50 - Most Valuable UK Brands 2017


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The ground-breaking BrandZ™ valuation ranks the country’s most valuable brands and identifies the key forces that are driving growth in brand value in this market. It is the first edition of an annual review that will track and anticipate the evolving environment for brands in the UK, and will chart the changing fortunes of the country’s most valuable brands.

We are tremendously excited to be bringing the BrandZ™ study to the UK, home to some incredibly strong and enduring local brands, many of which have become global household names. What’s remarkable is the breadth of industries in which UK brands lead their field. Take BP, HSBC, Cadbury and Land Rover, to name just a few.

Financial services brands, telecom providers and utilities occupy many of the top positions in the UK brand ranking, and account for a disproportionately high level of the value of the entire Top 50. These infrastructure brands – seven telecom providers, eight in banking and finance, and four in utilities – take 19 of the Top 50 places, but contribute 62 percent of the value. Many of these are global brands, and reflect the UK’s role as a global centre for financial services and its historical role in energy exploration, as well as consumers’ current appetite for connectivity. There are four telecom provider brands in the Top 10, two banks, and two oil and gas brands.

In the midst of political turmoil at home and uncertainty over what Brexit might mean, it is worth remembering that the UK is globally renowned for the quality of its education, for democracy and fairness, decency and probity. At the same time, the country’s cosmopolitan nature has powered a reputation for embracing and fostering innovation.

In this report, in addition to examining the most valuable UK brands, we take an exclusive, in-depth look at what Brand UK now represents to consumers and business leaders around the world. Data and analysis from the “Best Countries” study undertaken by Y&R’s BAV Group, with partners US News and the Wharton Business School, shines a light on how country of origin affects British brands. This is of considerable importance in a Brexit world.

David Roth

CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA and Asia
Twitter: davidrothlondon
For WPP, the UK is where it all began – 32 years ago with just one employee. Now, WPP has over 200,000 colleagues around the world in 112 countries, and the UK remains an important part of our business.

Whether you’re a British brand or a global name, in this report you’ll find knowledge and insight to help you create and grow brands in the UK – and farther afield – more effectively.

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