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BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2018

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David Roth
CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA & Asia
Twitter: @davidrothlondon

Two recent developments compounded my strong belief in the vitality of brands in today’s China and in the potential for growth. Reviewing the preliminary valuations for this year’s BrandZ™ China Top 100, I realized that we’d surpass all prior year-on-year value increases. In President Xi Jinping’s speech to the 19th Party Congress, I recognized a vision for China in which brands can play a long-term constructive role.

President Xi outlined his plans for what he termed, “the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” While President Xi rightly extolled China’s remarkable economic growth over the past three decades, he also detailed the need to help more Chinese people live a better life, and to elevate China’s global stature, commensurate with its many contributions to civilization.

President Xi calls his ambitious national mission statement the Chinese Dream. He expects the dream to guide China’s activities over the next three decades, coming to fruition at mid-century, for the centennial anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Progress likely will fluctuate with the economic and geopolitical forces of real world competition and cooperation.

But the possibility for sustained brand growth is clear. Brands exist to improve people’s lives in some way, and President Xi was explicit about the ways in which he wants to see the lives of Chinese improved. He asked for greater progress in poverty alleviation, narrowing the income gap among regions, and improving employment, education, healthcare, and housing.

President Xi also argued for conserving China’s natural beauty and being environmentally responsible in the pursuit of economic growth. And he advocated for the development of industries that innovate and leverage the internet, data and artificial intelligence.

To achieve these goals, President Xi wants to accelerate market reform, which means promulgating regulations that promote fair competition. In enumerating these aspects of the Chinese Dream, President Xi actually articulated a blueprint for brand success. But understanding and following the blueprint to build valuable brands requires additional knowledge and insight.

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